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Ekulf Interdental Brushes 6's Mixed

Ekulf Interdental Brushes 6's Mixed

Ekulf Interdental Toothbrushes Mixed 6's

Economic BIG PACK - 12 brushes

Why use an interdental toothbrush?

Daily use of an interdental toothbrush can reduce the risk of cavities, gum disease and bad breath.

Ekulf ph has between 400-1000 small brush filaments, which adapts to the anatomy of the tooth and cleans where a toothpick or dental floss does not reach.  Ekulf ph removes plaque and food leftovers between the teeth.  In addition, the small brush filament cleans the gum line, in an effective but gentle manner.

Everybody should use an interdental toothbrush.  For many, a recommendation from a dentist or dental hygienist means the start of the healthy habit of using an interdental toothbrush.  The brush is very effective in cleaning most interdental spaces, dental braces, bridges and implants.

What size should I use?

Ekulf ph are available in different sizes to fit the variety of interdental spaces.  We recommend that you consult your dentist or dental hygienist about what size to use.  Alternatively, if you want to find the optimal size by yourself, this pack is an excellent option, providing the range of sizes.  We recommend you to start with the smallest size: Ekulf 0.4mm (pink).

Easy to use!

Ekulf ph are easy to use with one hand.  Insert the brush into the interdental space.  Once inserted, gently clean the interdental space by a few brushing movements.  Do not rotate the brush neither force it between the teeth as with a toothpick.  With each pack of Ekulf ph interdental toothbrushes a grip enlarger is enclosed for an even better reach between the molars.

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